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Sho Pros offers retractable screens for residential and commercial properties. We only offer the highest quality products from Fenetex and Progressive, and continue to innovate our product line  to stay ahead of the industry.

Whether you are looking for retractable screens for a commercial application such as a restaurant patio, or you want hurricane resistant retractable screens for your own home, Sho Pros has you covered.



There are many reasons to choose a retractable screen

Some customers are looking for hurricane protection for their outdoor furniture. Some need relief from the effects of direct sun exposure or the frustration of insects. Others just want the peace of mind that their patio will remain dirt and dust and pest free. Whatever your particular need, SHO Pros can offer a solution!


Hurricane Retractable Screens
When most people think of retractable screens, they don’t think of hurricane protection. That is now a thing of the past, with Sho Pros offering beautiful solutions that present protection comparable to that of aluminum shutters.

Shade or Solar Screens
Get relief from the harsh sun and gain control of you patio or lanai. We offer the best retractable shade solutions on the market, in a variaty of colors and options. 

Retractable Insect Screens
Maximize and enjoy your outdoor space. Our retractable insect screens create a space that is virtually impenetrable to the critters you’d like to keep out, without sacrificing the feel of being outdoors.

Dual Screens
The above systems can be paired to create your own retractable screen solutions such as insect screens plus hurricane protection. Each screen operates independently giving you the protection you want, when you need it.


Our screen solutions can be motorized to deploy at the touch of a button. For the ultimate peace of mind, they can also be paired with smart home automation systems that can be operated and monitored from anywhere in the world or even deploy on their own when disaster strikes.

Make your patio or lanai cool, comfortable, and bug-free with custom retractable screens.

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