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Do you LOVE being outside but hate bugs, heat and sun damage? Be in control, with one of our Architectural Shade Systems. or Pergolas. A perfect solution for controlling the effects of weather in your outdoor space. Who  says you have to choose? Enjoy the best of both worlds when you install a Pergola from SHO-Pros to enhance your outdoor space

Our systems are created with louvers that open on demand to allow sunlight in, and close to provide shade and shelter. Rainwater is directed from the louvers to gutters, and down through downspouts incorporated into the columns.

Our systems are made of powder coated, extruded aluminum and all stainless steel components, giving us the most durable louvered system on the market today. From our superior drive system which is UL and CE certified, down to the stainless steel tex screws that secure the whole thing together, we use nothing but the highest quality materials.

You can further enhance one of our shade systems by adding shades to one or all sides, creating the perfect outdoor Oasis!




No two Pergolas are exactly alike. We’ll help you design one for you with options that enhance your home’s unique personality and your sense of style. Our system can be attached to an existing structure, or built as a stand-alone unit.  Each of our systems is a work of art, constructed with care and attention to every little detail.


 Built to Last, and designed for durability, our goal is to give you the strongest, most durable system on the market today. From hurricanes to the harshness of the florida sun, we’ve got you covered. Some options you can add are:​​

  •  WiFi Technology (Using a Smart Device)

  • Fully adjustable roof elements

  • LED lighting systems integrated directly into the pergola. 

  • Rain sensors and wind sensors  to automatically close the pergola when the weather changes. 

Azenco R-Shade Fixed-Roof Pergola



For those customers who want the protection and beauty of a pergola, but wish to reduce the cost, or don't wish to have a roof that opens, we present the R-Shade. This product  has all the benefits of the R-Blade adjustable roof pergola, but with a roof that will provide 24/7 shade and comfort. 

double R-shade.jpg
double R-shade.jpg
double R-shade.jpg

Each R-Shade sports the same revolutionary superstructure that has put Azenco at the top of it's field​, featuring a built-in gutter system that does not leak, a smooth modern appearance and a powder coated Aluminum finish that will outlast everything mother nature can throw at it. The roof is a sandwiched insulated panel keeping you cool and dry. 

What's more, every Azenco R-Shade has been tested by Miami-Dade standards to be hurricane resistant up to a CAT 5! They come with a full set of NOAs leaving you and your family with the confidence that you will have your pergola for years to come no matter what mother nature throws at it. 

Our system features come in two standard colors  ( white and bronze ) that compliment almost any architecture.


For those unique design requests, we do have available thousands of custom colors. We finish your perfect color with a chemical textured powder coat, which provides a more scratch resistant surface while giving your pergola an on-trend matte finish.

Your SHO-Pros order will be built to your exact specifications and designed to meet Florida’s stringent hurricane codes. Our in-house design team can help create a photo-realistic 3D rendering of your dream pergola, allowing you to see it before you buy it. This service is offered at a very minimal cost.


The best  adjustable roof pergola made.


R-Blade is the same incredible superstructure as R-Shade, but enhanced by being equipped with an automated louvered roof system! This allows for exceptional climate management, along with natural ventilation. For those days when the weather is not as cooperative, a hidden sensor will automatically close the roof when it rains, and open it when it stops to let the light back in.


The R-Blade's louvered roof is made with twin-wall aluminum louvers for a water-tight seal (This design is unique in the market). Additionally, an invisible gutter system is located through the product, and rainwater drains into the posts and away from the pergola. If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor shade structure, R-Shade is exactly what you have been looking for. 

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